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Related article: Date : Fri, July 2, 1999 January 20. 07 -0700 ( PDT ) From: Chuck u003cchucklez_1 yahoo. com u003e Subject: a broken relationship Please, folks, this is in reference to things that means child gay boy = n + love so if you are not interested, are these things, then get out! But if you are then come and read. Please, suggestions or complaints to the right of my address read on! _______________________________________________________________ severed ties The most licked and stroked my cock, more crying and whining. While wiped the sweat from his brow smooth, took all of for me, my dear, my penis, virginity, everything. "I love you both. Please Never leave me again! " The tears from my cheeks of love that was executed me. Then I could not stand it. Me exploded in the mouth, to bring it to the rhythmic whisper, "I... love... you " n " DING! DING! DING! DING! " " HHH.... eh ?!!!" Shoot was just a dream ! That was the third time you've always dreamed " Guand '. Why did the alarm go now ? Every time I see this dream, the person can not love me. His cheeks were wet with the n tears. It felt almost like real! N " DING! DING! DING! DING! " N I took the old alarm clock and threw it across the room and made a loud noise I went to sleep. You still have the damn annoying sound! " Gawd, why do not you let me sleep ??!!!" My scream shook a n of a photo of my friend next to my bed. Finally gave the alarm and I failure back to sleep hoping the dream would be. then someone called at the door. There is another distraction! " Ummmmm, is Jake? OK ? I heard something crash in your room? " It was my mother. I she tried to ignore it, but they keep calling my name. " I - I 'm all right me alone! " " Well, you better wake up, otherwise you are an evening of her classmates are only is lower, while awake and everything!. said, dass... " " Who was it? "I asked. I'm sure hoping that Leo. "Its the guy who s very short hair... Phillip was? He said you promised it would be go with him to school! "My mother told me in a soft voice. Only Felipe. But man, he's cute. I had to understand this very cute baby face. Stare at the eye color brown and I had met the love really is. Cream Your skin is so smooth and soft as feathers. Oh, my God, I wanted you to wrong! not as a sexual partner, but someone who I want and be there when I only. As a man, perhaps. Sorry! anyway, no more than one 1 / 2 inches taller than me and he had no trace of fat lost baby it. in addition, older than me exactly two months. I met last time a few years are exactly in the 7th grade. the first time in its class was all n I looked, especially the girls. I looked at all the faces there, then not see it. had an angelic face, my heart has been stolen that day. the teachers that I sit beside him and the rest is history. at first it was a -bitshy when I talked to him, but he was soon to lose. we have all together, sleep off, the project partners, movies only two of us, watching porn movies that never made ​​me Quitely as it was for the lines, everything. Well, apart from any sexual contact. More recently he has acted like a stranger when I'm there. What is the name commonly n me and tell me about school stuff, but now that 's like saying I like all 10 minutes on January 00 Clock and love to talk about things. And there is always a me as if we were a couple. Not that I like, but we're damn rumors flooded out to some people. And then there's the Lion, who in my dreams for a long, long time. It's not like that every person you meet. I was very lucky that became my friend. I saved the ass kicked many times and beat him only to protect me. He has always thought of me before making important decisions. That's why it took me to school, even monthst... actually all his friends went to another party. Once I asked him if he does because I liked it. He slapped her face and was one of my arguments throughout history. But we ended up back as friends. He is a bit shorter than me and Philip , but makes up for his character. Like me, Leo was born in Paris, a luxury City. Philip is a Greek pure and natural. This beautiful child of 15 years of age really turns me on. But it could at any time that I think I where n was a good wife and children in the future, while still stuck , a gay single try, at least I want a girl who found I am. What a bad start for the day. My mother continued : "Fast 'll be late for school again, I did a quick bfast for you, there in the kitchen: " I went to the kitchen and opened the n to milk cooler. "Jake ? Bla bla bla...... " She said something about the family it did not matter, but stopped in mid- sentence. I looked at her, and she had three Preteen Boys shaof the red in her cheeks, and she started laughing. " W - what? " I asked. I saw her looking at me, so I looked down. Oh, my God! ! I saw my whole 5-1/2 inch erection grown up a store in my underwear wet cum! damn sleep! I ran to my room and pulled my underwear. I never in the kitchen, because I know she and I were too embarrassed to talk to to each other. Instead, I took a quick shower When I put on my uniform look in the mirror, I wonder why girls think that my ​​eyes the perfect thing I had in my face. I mean, my eyes "is so great as the thickness of a pencil and is easy to see how the external oblique teenager " 3rd Rock from the Sun. " It was kind of disturbing to me, all time in the mirror seemed. I Preteen Boys cleaned my light brown hair who carefully Make sure the left side of the hair is not well with the mixture. I really need a cut hair. my ​​hair is longer than hanging with my ears. As I always got one hand of the ear and allow you to move to another. takeCare of my hair too n or what? Therefore, as a daily routine, I can check my hair again before down the stairs. I have tried to avoid my mother before I left, but I was still taking the cooking your coffee. There was no way out, so I passed him. that s go and said I saw your face seen again. "Um, Jake J... of his friend who came before, said he was waiting on the subway,. " I have a kiss and left. I knew it was Philip. He's always waiting for me, although always late to school , the secretary, where I knew my late slip me well. However, now that I have promised that no school early for his When I saw the subway stairs, I saw Felipe waiting for me. "Sorry, I woke up late y... " "Okay, man, I knew you were going to be late, do not worry, I know not careful if I'm late, I am with you all the time like me. "he said. I was surprised he said. Do not you hear? ! I smiled and asked me the sweetest voice, "is whatthe sense that ? " " N.. does not matter! "He said, chuckling. I sat beside her and started with him n this video game I bought about recently. He stopped and looked at me with that beautiful smile I do not think that n he heard me, so I said : "Philip, I want you so bad I that my penis gets hard every time you order! " I was right! Not listening! So I said, " Um... Phil.. ? Philip ??!!!!" He just sat and stopped looked at me. "And you? "His face turned bright red and the n began playing the violin. " Ha, ha, ha! Man, what 's wrong? As for me, therefore n time with that smile of hers ? ! " I realized that he did not laugh, but also got even redder. I stopped laughing and asked what is going on. stared at me with eyes eyes sad puppy face to see. almost fainted when I looked up with a pretty face! I said, " Jake, we've been friends since... oh well only for two years, but has already won won their confidence and mine. we have commonall our secrets, and We have always gone through all the ups and downs. " He stopped talking waited to say something that I I asked. " What ? ! You look like a ghost I saw " He gave me seems that once again I said fun was when I approached him and asked again. " See what's going on? Know that what you told me you! So please, tell me. " " I.. I.. in... anything, "he smiled again. The train finally arrived. We have about much later, but I knew he was hiding something. As soon as , we got to school, to move quickly to the gym in the bathroom and quickly ran to gym class. We condemn this kind "Well, well, well! Our partner has finally appeared! "Said one man. all laughed. I could not blame him. We were always late and always come together inside. So the best player, and Philip embraced, while my \\ \\ n head back to them. "Sorry! We like sex all night and day! I not want to goSchool, but Phil said he wanted to forget what we did last night ! " You knew he was only joking, so, until they could laugh no more. I could not stop laughing at my own jokes too. I looked at Philip and I surprised who was in a view of current interest. 've always jokes n if we are late then they laugh at our heads, but was now standing right try to make you laugh. has always been so much fun. \\ \\ n We have different classes, so back to my locker, which had been close to my second class. I saw the man in my closet waiting for me. Leo, it s is even more beautiful when in uniform, "Hey, Jake! Where the hell have Preteen Boys you been n this morning again? I was waiting for you so long to leave my girlfriend waiting here for me! "" Sorry man! I woke up this morning the main purposes ! Also, my mother I saw my hard cock... " " His mother saw his dick ? ! Ha, ha, ha! What happened then was so sex? "" Fuck you, asshole! "I yelled back. I blushed and tried th about the door of my second class, but he stopped me and apologized. " I'm sorry friend. It's just you never in time whenever I'm waiting for you in the morning Anyway, how are you, have not seen for a while! " We to talk about school, exams in a few weeks, and act on Philip strange lately. "Philip acting weird ? That's funny ! He never did anything strange before. " I said. "Maybe he was upset rumor that you and he n a few " " You're right, I can not stand it! Used full of life.... If is it! Me ? Am I I'm funny... " interrupted me and said, " Jake, stop, is not their fault anyway, ask what you n the problem him lunch !. you and he always alone, to buy food out! that reminds me, I promise I n English teacher Come to my house as after school kay ? " " good. " went into second class and still talk about everything. " Look, I in order to fulfill my house ? My girlfriend can not waa over again, we are ! "He said. His girlfriend was waiting outside. In As soon as I saw it, he planted a kiss from those deep in the mouth. God, that really hurts. I could not bear the idea of ​​a kiss, girls, each, except for me, school is going ga ga over. I went to was a bad image to his girlfriend. He was mine! is not it ! I would be another large-breasted women, so at least I could say I love ith much to lose my virginity to him. n left still hurt. not even realized it was raining as \\ \\ n hard that I have my uniform when I got soaked. when I saw Felipe with her sweet smile on me again, I felt all my problems disappeared. He came and told me his umbrella. "So Where do you buy lunch again? Pizza... Burger King... or that new restaurant there ? " The asked. " Um... Can we go to the park y.... talking about? "I said. " Why do to go to the park to? It's too wet y... " I realized very excited to go there. " Okay. If what you want! "" Thanks ! " So we went to a park and sat on a bench, which was still dry. " Felipe, I ask you a question ? Please feel free to reply. " " Okay. What is it? " " I've noticed that already behaving strangely, when I'm there. " " strange? What are you talking about? " " Wait let me finish. Before, we were so hyper, but now it's like, not something I do not mean, and prevents us from fun stuff! Es.. Is it for me? As of this morning, even listen to erotic really says something that at least make you laugh ! "I laughed n for a bit, but I played seriously. " I... I do not know whose fault is that I love so much ! I can not say that there a because I know you hate me for it, and you can tell all If you were in my place, then we'll know. Please understand. Look, we can not to talk about somethingelse? What's that game you just bought? " " Bullshit! He talked about the damn game this morning, if not listening! I want to know! Why do you look damn weird lately? "I was angry now. He stared at me with eyes of hate and started screaming, do" not understand true ? Do not see all this information I think is taking the at least finally know, without telling me ! Before, when I said I " I do not care if I'm late, as I am with you", this morning, when is staring at you while you were talking to me in gym class could not stop \\ \\ n redness me, if you made that joke y... and damned if I waiting for you, even if you come so late! wanted to " n All that said, he started playing in my head. I finally found out. He loves me ! tell him I love him too, and I was gay, but could not. I n was too shocked to know that I love! The second nicest man I love ! me, semi -sweet guy who is always shy to ask a girl ! me! that ifmply smiled and hugged him so hard he could feel his heart beat as a madman! Tears of joy began to stream down my cheeks, and the rain , as he put on the roof and wrapped his arms around me. I removed held my body and hands. "I... I love you too !" Preteen Boys I whispered. I knew he was so surprised when I told him that because he made ​​the same face I have. He kissed me gently him to find out how soft pink lips. I pulled my lips from his , but he hugged me and kissed me again. We kissed blocked among them. I felt his tongue trying to give, so I opened my mouth wider n and enjoyed her sweet juice while he examined me. He touched her ass massage n , as he pushed him closer to his thigh. It felt so good to feel his hard cock warming my thighs. He took one hand and gently touched my cock. I shouted in surprise, and he pulled his hand. "I. I'm sorry !" 'I whispered. " Do not! " He put his hand where it belongs, and began to massAge my ​​cock. It started so strong it hurts! I groaned as I was kissing a it. I rubbed his hard cock in his pants he wanted to feel what I 'm feeling at that moment. I could not ! He made me sit in the now soaked bank and opened my pants! "P.. Philip No! Here, everybody can see, us! " I tried to scream, but due to rain, only a whisper was heard. " Well, who is in the rain and watch us fuck each other ? " He gave me a smile and gently took my penis and massage gently. I could not believe, to s? I wanted this for so long ! I moaned as he slowly n his hands, and to. He was about to eat the dick, but I think his face. " You do not have to do this to prove you love me ! " " But I want !" He said. the Preteen Boys slot He licked my cock makes me weep and tremble, and suddenly took him to the end in the mouth. I could not breathe in this fun while the feeling of warm, wet mouth and sucking up and down slowly. all I could do was a moaNo strong and gently rub the head. He took my face slowly and then faster and faster. "P..... Uhhhhnnn. Quick!Out! I'm about to explode! " cry. But did not stop and instead sucked the head rather than wait for me to explode. He played me the eggs to bounce off his hands. "I'm damn !Out! " I still did not move. He devoured my cock makes quell. I cummed in her mouth and gave me a joy to me over 100 masturbate ! Philip sucked Preteen Boys and licked until it dries. I must have been a that Philip had a cup because cum dripping from her face. He kissed her and put member behind me dead in my underwear and my pants zipper. He sat next to was another French kiss. I tasted my own cum and it tasted like juice sweeet lemon. That made me hot again. " my turn ! " I cried. "You can not ! It's been 01 clock 00, arrived too late! " He took the umbrella next to the bank and we went to school. Before coming to school, we found if someone was out there. No one. We hugged and wENT- in return this deep kissing. " You owe me !" He said smiling. " I ? Ah yes, now that you left me for it! " I said laughing. " Let's finish this in my house... so after school?" 'I asked. "Sure, you look bye! " went back to school and went to our closet to dry. Fourth Period and 5 was like a ride for me that day. No boy turned to me, not even Leo, who was n better than Felipe. Somehow, Philip had made ​​it clear that the way I was much better to do anything, as Leo. I could not stop thinking about him. all n I reminded Philip. I was desperately acting strange way, that all the n oticed. After 5 Period, Leo came to me in my locker with his good appearance and easy to hit me in the back. "This is snobbing for me this time !" He shouted. smiled and said, "Think I'm sorry, my thoughts were completely out of it today," " Are you sure you were, thinking hurry promised, ,! tutor me! " " Oh, my God, I forgot everything ! Ummm... Leo, we can not posttpone a tomorrow? " " You can friend! I n go somewhere with my parents and tomorrow the next day.... then the day after! "I could not say no again, I mean it , second only to save. me" Well, maybe, anyway. I refer to Philip for a while? " " Well, I wai... " He did not speak, even if it Preteen Boys was fast out for him. When I arrived at his locker, he was not there, I opened its closet, but could not find his shoes and shorts. Shoot! It is \\ \\ n already at home waiting for me. I returned to my locker and Leo n fixing her hair and eyes fixed on one of Preteen Boys my mirrors. " Come on! Philip went home already! " Leo closed my locker and left the school. The house was much more than mine. It was like 25 blocks mine, so Preteen Boys we had to use a bus to get from the subway. I was asked to train \\ \\ n what has happened to me when I asked him why he was acting strange Philip I lied and said. " I did very well. It was only with great headaches for the past week. " I regret to sayI wanted to know in detail what had happened say, of course, but it's just.. I think. We got off the bus and went to few others. We talked and talked about video games and more. His house was so is greater than mine. We went in and politely greeted his mom and dad, who and left and hurried to the room of Leo. " Now we have to do it fast ! What you need to study? Shakespeare? Grammar ? " I spoke too fast, I had to keep the mouth. "Wait, I have to write to change my boxers," he said. "Okay, okay to call someone ? " I asked. He nodded and went to her closet. I called and waited for Philip annoy someone. Someone has. " Hello? " It was Philip. "Felipe, I'm sorry, I can not leave now. 'm Mentoring Leo... " Suddenly, Leo pulled his underwear pants. My eyes glued to their two good tight ass cheeks ! He could not look but otherwise was spoiled like anyone was in the room even. He removed his shirt and massaging the back! wasstanding, without clothes, massaging the back of his s! Please do not use yet! " Um... Jake ?.... Hello?" Philip 's voice took me back to reality. I said, to come back later and hung up on Leo still stripping. Enough! N I thought to myself. I have a friend now ! Someone who loves me! Someone who gives the , someone who... Leo is not. I held my back with one of his books, hidden my dick 5 inch stand n my pants. "Beautiful view !" I said, laughing while. that turned and saw me looking at it. He blushed a little and covered front of one of the wet shirt. " Why FAG look at me, when I'm naked ? " " ummm... how there is no one to see... " He was put on the boxer burst to laugh as I "... unless you were in front of me, pull. n! Why should not I be happy? " " Um.. is easy to see somewhere ! Do you want to massage your back for one sec ? it all morning because " fucking hurt my GF. " sat next to the carpet and took twomy hands behind my back. " Uhhuhh ! Copy too I guess! " I back gently smooth still keep the book in my pants. I can not believe I stopped playing the back, as his cousin or something! Of course, I would not say no. If you do not want that? I gently massaged the shoulder that makes him moan with pleasure. Then said his back still crying, " Making out ? Yes, I do not know want to, but also forced me ! Was the only way to close up! If I tell you the truth, I did not even turn a little. and say, every man is in love with her ! " " you are not the only one who does not like what you think! I do not, and Philip is not also, do not be so among you ! There are many fish in the sea! " "Thanks ! 're a good friend..... ji, ha, ha! tickle stop that " the next thing I n knew that tickled in the armpits, sides, your abs every way inch of your skin. "You'll pay for it! " He gave me an evil grin and went to me and ended up lying on thePiso. I quickly tested the bed my ​​penis hard, but once again proves to me and we discussed fell on the carpet. I lied on my stomach while he was crushing my hard -ons. Y was even more difficult as you try to move the waist in the back. "Get off Leo. 're Crushing... Do I Get 'n I stopped and I felt his penis becoming increasingly difficult. He did not move from I was really dragging me. I turned around and was surprised was out of his boxers, and I still drag as if it was always my pants or anything. He made the very nice rhythm pounds his ass covered. n " What do you mean? " Gasped softly and then whispered to me that began licking. He made me even hotter than Philip, and I could not even sucked n my dick or anything! He turned and for the first time, the truth is, n was a true 51 / 2 hard cock. not even waiting for my answer, because he saw eyes. I'm a whore ! Preteen Boys Here I am, I am fucked by another men shortly after a recent blow job. I guess you could say I'm a sexoholic. I I felt betrayed that trust and Felipe How do you think when he hears. , but could not help me, my sexual dreams actually happens in real life. He stood up and said. " Just a second " N closed the door, adding that flushed the toilet for more privacy, my T then my pants. He played one of those hardcore songs in the background put in me. "A.. There is a little scary ?" He asked. I did not say and kissed him lightly on the lips warm. Me too, but I fear. We started kissing and key. We have never ceased to for air. He moved his kisses on my chest and started sucking up on my nipples. Every time your two cents, which screamed in pain. Moved down even more, and kissed her tiny pubic around my penis. it is going crazy! He played everything we aspire to in my body, but not touched my dick. He laughed when I refer to a crossrms, "Okay, you can not Wow for a time that foreplay ? " I started to laugh, but I tried to keep a madman n seek. He quickly grabbed my penis jumps to the waist. Then, little by little is done sucked me cry and scrape the top of the carpet. He did very slow, but it was much better than Felipe. It's almost like it has before. I sucked so good I forgot to go all Philip House. My head hit the carpet, as it slowly lowered his mouth to take my ​​pole in. It felt so good that no matter how slowly moving my n tail was about to explode. Cum was filling the mouth of Leo. It sucked n even more difficult, and it exploded in his mouth. " Ahhhh.... Uhhnnnn !" Well, I stopped. More than likely make my dick go boom ka! Since I was there, that s I said that semen smells in the mouth, "We have not finished. " up, grabbed his cock and it shows in my face. I wrapped it carefully and licked her slit as Philip has for me. My first time dependingSuck a dick. I really thought that, after Philip gives me blowjob that that was his cock in my mouth. I carefully slid his cock in my the mouth taste anywhere. I heard him moan with pleasure as he sucked and slow fishing. " uhhhhh " He groaned and brushed my hair with his hands shaking. cock of his s salty taste at first, but turned out to be so sweet that no get enough of it. I hold my growing membership, while theirs sucked. that began to drag my face so fast you rarely had to do anything. I had to do a left at all, so without thinking twice, I grabbed her ass and squeezed bubble cheeks. " Uhhhhh..... ahhhh !" His hot cum splatted all my ​​lips. There was so in my face, splashed, dribbled some of the chin. He removed his cock in my mouth and squatted in front of me. I kissed and licked a bit of milk. I still had to go down, but s stopped me and told me to save it for later. I have, as it becameThe Music. "I really had a great time Jake, thank you! " " And you're welcome... I've never known you were gay. I mean, remember when that hit me face when I asked you if you like me? that made me you realize pure, 100 %. I guess I cheated there, huh? "n , I asked. "Actually, I was told that bitter reality. Preteen Boys I tried to hide fact, that I was gay, but if you asked me if I loved you, somehow, all date with girls, trying all the time, just look at porn for maybe I'm as normal as everyone was a waste. "We crawled into bed there leached and embrace together to sleep. I often wake up every rang the phone if no answer. Leo also was awakened by the noise. that was up and hooked to the phone, and went to sleep. vi Philip sits on the porch staring at the floor, " Jake, where the hell are you? " He came and went in the eyes of his porch still on the ground. He looked up and saw me, "How could you BastarD! ! I have loved you ! She loved to I return. Why damn you go to someone else? I am not good enough n to you, right ? ! Talk to me !!!!" He began to mourn and ran back to their House. I tried to run, really. But if someone stops me. I turned around Leo looked at me as if it embraces tried to avoid in "There is no Philip in the picture, now only two," whipered him. " Let s me off ! Let's go, you're hurting me ! "I saw in their eyes, side of evil the control of myself. All my feelings for him were in fear and Preteen Boys danger. " Wake up friend, who is eighth 00 watch! Mom bother ! " My eyes opened and saw above me Leo. Thank God it was only a dream. never wanted.... Philip Philip," Oh, my God! Philip awaits me! " ran to the nearest mirror and staring at me. There was much drier cum on her face. She was in my ear, cheek and right side of my lip. Y in my hands " Calm down , honey. It's not like that s the end of the world or nothing ! "Well, perhaps toFor me it is! I screamed in my head. N " Look, I 'm not coaching, I promise... tomorrow !" I said in an n 100 - Mile words per minute. "Yes we can learn even more tomorrow, if know what I mean! " He started to laugh, laugh to myself. "I have to go! Meet tomorrow k ? " I opened the door, and before leaving the House Leo gave me a kiss on the lips, then neck. He bit his neck and y suck a few unusual. It felt so good, but stopped and walked. What I can say now? Philip I had sex with Leo! Are you happy ? Ah, yes, as it will work ! So many excuses, so few that I needed. To think about! to I like the truth or just a guy horny to be doing that tell me ? a fast. I never thought this day would be very strange as one. E n only two of my best friends were really longing for my body, and love. I have not really wanted to go to the house of Philip. My dick is so dead always absorbed by two men. Also, I could come up with Felipestay at home all night, which means more sex... even when I lie, that is. San Adeliede block, and I'm there. I wanted to escape, I've never to have sex with Leo just said to Philip, that he loves me very much a lot. When I got to her porch, my legs were jelly and I almost got scared n when I heard the bell, when I pressed the button. It took a while, but Philip opened the door. God, his eyes were so red and swollen. " Hey, Philip. Sorry for the delay, I fell asleep while Leo and the university," I laughed a little, then stopped and burst into tears. "I - I was right! I can not trust you! S. stupid.... STUPID ME !!!!" n " What did I do ? I've never... n " be interrupted, "II I can not believe you actually thought that Leo final cause" you really need extra help " "Philip heard... I... " " Listen, God, I believe I can not ! After that I said I love you, you to go to catch a man. I feel it is Leo? " I do not know how he knew, , but hemos ! I stood there and looked into his eyes wept at the thought of all that is words to end this discussion. There was none. All I could do was be it looked like an idiot without saying anything. Not a word like "sorry" or " How do you know," he continued. "Sorry, I'm sorry ! I... I knew it was going to stupid enough to think that I really really like. I try! I messed up... I... Damn it blew !!!!!. "He paused a moment to to dry the tears. " You're wasting your time talking to me. Back to in the arms of Leo and see if I like it!" Before you go home, this three words that would not be out of my mouth came the most unappropriate time. " I.... love..... That" "Enough... They lie too much," she whispered. He hit almost knocking my door the face. That was it. He hated me. Philip hated myself for what I did. I sat n in the ground. I cleaned. my tears, but it was only the worst rivers tears of water flowing down my cheeks, I cried. "Sorry!Sorry! ExampleFelipe grabs ? listen to Can you take ? Philip? Ph... il... ip! " I knocked on the door, I whispered : "Sorry! ? Please open the door ".. I stood up and cried and cried, that's all I could do ran to the sidewalk and shouted again :" Sorry, "I waiting for someone to his house. The most anticipated screamed louder. I gave up. I ran as fast as my weak body back to my house... n _____________________________________________________________________________ Thanks guys ( girls) for it! Read the full story all comments, complaints something like the email to me?.. Chucklez_1 yahoo com Remember this n is the first time that the writing will be a second chapter !
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